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Welcome to Shrimali Brahmin Samaj-Online Portal

For improving contacts of Shrimali Brahman Samaj community at large scale and to welfare of society .



It is an offer for Ved Shikshan on assistance and guidance. Our main intention / objective is to maintain our Ved Shikshan, so here 'E-learning' facility is provided. We are loading the video of our Guru who are Pandit in Ved Shikshan. We are loading Satsang / Bhajans & Mahila lok geet from Rajasthan which are sang by our ladies at the time of marriage / festival and in religious programs.


This is a beginning in Shrimali Brahmin Samaj for their business development by improving contacts and advertisements.


For creating a social and professional networking platform for all Shrimali Brahman Samaj. To preserve and propagate our sanskars and culture and pass it to our next generations.


Personal and Business profiles:
  • Social and professional networking among community members -
  • Search based on Location/Area/City/Goutra.
  • Service provider's directory and Business directory

Products and services promotions:
  • Selling products and services in all over the globe and to buy from fellow of Shrimali Brahman Samaj.
  • Community events, news, publications.

Community services:
  • Information about Kulavrutant and family structure
  • Information about Shrimali Brahman Samaj community, history, culture, traditions, cuisine, sanskars, scriptures, prayers, gotras, kula sammelan, kula devata, temples etc.

Why Website needed ?

In earlier days, Shrimali people lived in Rajasthan and surrounding areas. All people were known each other and were in contact of each other. Now all were migrated throughout the country. It is difficult to maintain the contact and communication, between society members, various people of our society. Though their committee publishes the information of society in form of books. But after many years, when information from this books gets revised, then review and to republish this information, would require huge efforts and has very hard work. So we have decided to create a website by keeping in view the above given features and objects.
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